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Infinite World AU thing I dunno
Setheran blew his nose into the tissue in a desperate (if not futile), attempt to clear his nose. Without looking he threw the tissue into the trashcan which was starting to alarmingly get full. The 35-year-old didn’t care however…he was far too sick and exhausted to care. He was far too sick and exhausted to even attempt trying to finish work…which was fine. He had already contacted his boss, and was rewarded a sickday for all his hard work.
It was normal however…Flu often spread like a wildfire throughout the little kids. All it took was for one little child to get sick before the entire school was infected. When Aila and Tsuki both returned from school, shaking, and complaining about their throats. The thermometer told him all that he needed to know.  Setheran quickly had them bundled up in blankets to get them warm, before driving them to the pharmacy. Making sure they were warm, cooking them soup, moving the TV to their rooms so that they could watch.
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BannedStory canvas235235 by Unheard-Canon BannedStory canvas235235 :iconunheard-canon:Unheard-Canon 1 20 X by Unheard-Canon X :iconunheard-canon:Unheard-Canon 0 0
Name: Setheran Darke
Title: The Darklight of Valos
Age:  18-20
Personality: Setheran is described as a person who’s not good at expressing himself. His mannerism may cause others to see him as cold uncaring person. This isn’t helped by the fact that Setheran is not good at socializing with others, and likes to stay in his own comfort zone. Despite these problems…Setheran is a very kind person who always puts others before himself. Setheran will do anything to help anyone…whether it be his friends or a stranger. However he is not a fool…he will take precautionary measures to always ensure other’s safety. It’s a very strange mix as Setheran’s personality is that of an awkward, quiet, caring person. However his training has made him a deadly killer, trained to kill anyone without hesitation. His training has put him in so many life or death situation, that it’s made him…kind of paranoid ab
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My dog woke up by Unheard-Canon My dog woke up :iconunheard-canon:Unheard-Canon 0 2 My Dog and I! by Unheard-Canon My Dog and I! :iconunheard-canon:Unheard-Canon 1 12
HoD: Setheran and Ivan's Training
Setheran suddenly burst through the stone doors, his arms a dark metallic grey. He slid across the floor for a moment, before he disappeared. Ivan took a step back, his golden arrows ready to fire at a moment’s notice. For a second he pondered using the Silver Light to detect where Setheran had hidden…it was a long hallway so it would take time for Setheran to reach him.
He blinked.
When he opened his eyes he saw a blade directly in front of his face.
It was then when the wind turbulence had caught up to Setheran who held the sword inches away from Ivan’s eye, causing the wind to rush against the two of them. Ivan tried to take a step back away from the blade, Setheran however quickly grabbed Ivan’s shirt collar and held him in place. Ivan clenched his teeth, and got ready to unleash the arrows.
Setheran then raised Ivan upwards, preparing to use him like a shield. When Ivan realized this he immediately called off the arrows…which then Setheran responded b
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Song's Training
Setheran stood rigidly as he looked around the Training Gardens, his blade was held tightly in his hand. His eyes kept darting side to side, trying to anticipate his enemy before he attacked. His teacher was somewhere around here…he just had to-
Setheran recoiled and coughed out in pain as a sword suddenly was thrust into his stomach. The Long Silver Blade bypassed his ribs easily. Before Setheran could do anything, Song quickly grasped the front of his shirt to hold him in place. The pain was too much…he was starting to lose conscious. However he couldn’t lose consciousness, if he did then Song would kill him without hesitation.
“Now, what are you doing~?” Song said in the same old sing-song tone he always spoke in.  “You aren’t…losing consciousness are you? You do realize what would happen if you….did that?” Song chuckled as he twisted the sword deeper into his gut. Setheran began to cough and desperately tried to pry h
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Main Character Road Trip!!!
1. Road trip time! Start by choosing five of your original characters to traverse the country together:
[1] Seven Marx
[2] Nathaniel Stone
[3] Setheran Darke
[4] Kyrie Mills
[5] Atlanta Magnus
2. Alright, your group starts by traveling together in a small car. [2] is driving, and [5] is giving them directions. Do they work well together, or does your group end up adding on extra travel time backtracking? Are any of the other three acting like annoying backseat drivers?
Nathaniel: Okay we turn left!
Atlanta: No we turn Right.
Nathaniel: Left!
Atlanta: No you idiot! We turn RIGHT
Nathaniel: LEFT!
Seven: ...Oh dear
Setheran: Why...
Kyrie: *Uneasy Laughter*
3. First stop! Your group decides to stop at a hotel for the night, but they can only afford two rooms with one queen-sized bed in each room. Who sleeps where, and are there any arguments over it?
Nathaniel: Seven get your foot out of my face.
Seven: Sorry! I j
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Vampire Hunt OC Interview: Collaberation
The streets of London are no longer safe, and six of your original characters have been selected for whatever reason to carry the honorary title of vampire hunter (whether they like it or not)! Together they'll traverse the city to defeat their foes and keep the unsuspecting population safe! Best of luck, friends~
If your characters have any powers or abnormal/supernatural abilities already, sorry - they've been disabled. Everyone now has the basis of mortal abilities.
Ready to begin?
1. Pick six of your original characters to become vampire hunters!
1. Setheran Darke [Me]
2. Wendy Shadow [Yasmyn]
3. Priscilla Lionheart [Vivi]
4. Nathaniel Stone (Phantom Thief Personality) [Me]
5. Harrison Phantomus [Vivi]
6. Damien James [Yasmyn]
2. Interesting choices… Tell me, who's excited about being selected for this mission? Who wishes they hadn't been chosen?
Nathaniel: Yay! This is fucking awesome!
Setheran: …… *sigh*
Nathaniel: The hell is wrong with you?! We’re going
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Interview with the Phantom Thief
I was actually going to call this the villain's meme, but that conjours up the wrong image.  After all, who is a villain from their own point of view?  Which is exactly what this meme is about.  Looking at the villain of your story from their point of view.  Because, let's face it; a two dimensional villain makes for a two dimensional story.
And just remember.  From a law abiding citizen's point of view, some of our greatest heroes were/are actually villains; Robin Hood, Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Forces, Batman, Spiderman.  They might be doing the right thing (from their point of view) but they are breaking the law/opposing the establishment/government.  Isn't that the definition of a criminal?  A villain.  
Food for thought.
What's Your Name?:
Phantom Thief: Hahaha! I wouldn't be much of a thief If i gave away my identity would I?
What Do You Do?:
Phantom Thief: I
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3 Days till Christmas! || Dead Sunlight
It was quite the ridiculous sight…
The Phantom Thief was now running across the rooftops, carrying what seemed to be a red sack filled with various goodies. Meanwhile everyone was running after him Luna and Alan were chasing behind him with their swords in their hands. The guards were trying to keep up with him, but nobody was willing to get in range of all his stun bullets and fire.
Kyrie jumped into the air her dragon wings boosting into the air. She was about to unleash a torrent of Dragon Fire all over the Phantom Thief, but he promptly jumped in the air and used her face as a foostool to slam her into the ground. Alan stopped himself and knelt down near Kyrie.
“K-Kyrie are you okay?”  He asked with panic in his voice. His answer was to angrily smash the ground with her fist, and prop herself up and glare at the fleeing Phantom Thief…with an aura that could only be described as overflowing hatred.
“HAHAHAHA!” The Phantom Thief laughed as he
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Through the Eyes of Claire: Setheran
There are many, many character interview memes out there.  There are short ones, long ones, sexual ones, pretty much every question you could think of has been asked of your OC.  But have you ever thought about what other characters really think about your character?
That's the point of this meme.  Choose a character who is familiar with and interacts a lot with your character and answer the questions from their point of view.  Alternatively, your character could answer the questions about another deviant's OC whom they are familiar with.
01 – What's your name?
"Hello. I-I name is Claire D'Faith"
02 – Are you male or female?
"I'm female."
03 – What age are you?
"Currently? I'm 19 years old now"
04 – Describe yourself.
"I'm a...I'm not a very interesting person. I'm kinda weak and so I rely on my companions for e-emotional support. Though I do my
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Short Stories [Dead Sunlight]: Blueberry Taste
He was a dead man. They finally cornered him…he had no runes…his Hand Cannon was out of bullets. Adagio was gone…Kyleigh had betrayed him. Everything was going to Shit .
The only comfort he had was that his mask was intact. It was barely intact, but hey it was intact…unlike his fucking future.
No powers…no nothing….man what was he going to do?
“He’s in this room!”
“No escape right?!”
“It’s a dead end. The bastards has got nowhere to run”
….they were entering the Dungeons. It would take 5 minutes until they reached this place. Nathaniel sat down…struggling to think of a solution…maybe he could cover himself in gore and blood and pretend to be a corpse? Nah…Eve’s dragon senses would detect his living aura…
Fight? …..pfft the idea almost made him laugh. Then…what would he do?  He risked his life…for what? To save
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Short Stories [Dead Sunlight]: Crossed Lines
Nathaniel pulled himself off the broken rubble, his breathing was heavy…there was smoke everywhere. Destruction…Rubble…Fire…Smoke…hahaha Icaros’s Red Flame sure made one hell of an explosion, but that didn’t bother him. He got out of that situation alive, and his mask was still okay. Where was his mask anyways?
Oh…it was over there…lying on top of the…pfft what used to be the corpse of that butler guy. That butler was ridiculous…no matter what you did he would never die…but Nathaniel found a way to make it so that he… permanently stopped moving. He reached over and plucked the mask off the corpse’s body and put it neatly on.
Weapons? Weapons…
Oh. There it was…his Hand Cannon. His trusty pistol that sure packed one hell of a punch…
Runes? No Runes…tsk they must have broken from the blunt of the explosion….so Nathaniel was nothing more than a regular person now. What
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Short Stories [Dead Sunlight]: Impossible to Find
Nathaniel was smiling…he shouldn’t be smiling…especially not considering their situation at hand, but he couldn’t help it! He let out a couple of laughs as he checked behind the windows. A Mana Dragon, a guy with a red flame on his forehead, two gals with black armor, and a lady with an angry look on her face punching multiple boulders out of her way.
Oh boy he was sooo screwed! That was hilarious!
“N-Nathaniel?” A little girl said softly, which made him quiet immediately. “Hahaha Adagio! No need to be so scared…their looking for me…no need to worry about yourself!” Nathaniel smiled as he pet the little girl with silver hair and gold colored eyes. “So there’s a pathway that leads directly to the sewers…you can find your way down to the Dante District right?” Nathaniel said in a sweet voice as he nudged Adagio towards the open room.
He turned towards the window…Eve and Icaros were both heading towa
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C: Halcyonicfalconx by Chanz-diri C: Halcyonicfalconx :iconchanz-diri:Chanz-diri 75 20
2015 in Review
Hey guys, here’s a blog summary of my year! A huge part of the year was taken up by Bullet Heaven 2 development, and relationship stuff with Ronja.
• Went to the Indie Games Conference in London with Ronja, and met up with some other developers. Reminisced about the dead Flash game scene. Tried a VR headset for the first time. It was fun.
• I got super sick with glandular fever! My throat was totally wrecked and I got a crazy rash. The whole thing lasted 3 weeks, and for the worst week I could barely eat and couldn’t sleep at all. Saw the doctor 5 times, and none of the different antibiotics helped. Only codeine tablets could cheer me up. Luckily I’m now immune forever!
• I went to Finland with Ronja! I met her friends, visited some popular tourist attractions like the island fortress, went to an awesome theme park, celebrated her birthday, tried some proper clothes shopping, ate at a viking restaurant, and stayed at a cabin in the woods. It was a lo
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Get Along Shirt by Blue-Mouse-Artbox Get Along Shirt :iconblue-mouse-artbox:Blue-Mouse-Artbox 237 12 Kimiko Matsuko by MemoriiMakiko Kimiko Matsuko :iconmemoriimakiko:MemoriiMakiko 22 2 Forgive me, PLEASE! by asdfg21 Forgive me, PLEASE! :iconasdfg21:asdfg21 367 95 Soft Mouthing by asdfg21 Soft Mouthing :iconasdfg21:asdfg21 546 53 Gunslinger by Kate-FoX Gunslinger :iconkate-fox:Kate-FoX 2,637 63
Fantasy parent meme- blank
1. You must use your original OC's (Preferably a married couple with children)
2. Credit me and/or send me a link
3. Feel free to change or add any additional questions of your own to the quiz
1. How old is your child?
2. If your child were to take an apprenticeship in magic, would he/she be more likely to create a well-balanced healing potion or set the house on fire?
3. In your opinion, who does your child look and act more like; you or your spouse?
4. What were your child's first words?
5. Did you cry when your child was born?
6. Do you want more children in the future?
7. What were some possible names for your child before they were born?
8.  What occupation did you and your spouse imagine your child would have, and what are they doing now?
9. How have your lifestyles changed upon having children?
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Pairing Interview Journal Meme Blank
(EDIT: I forgot to add some other questions that I felt were important) 
(I was looking for couple interview journal memes on here, and had no luck; so I decided to make my own! Please feel free to use this and please link back! :D)
1) Introduce your pairing!
2) So… how did you two meet?
3) Who initiated the relationship and how?
4) Interesting! What was your first kiss with each other like?
5) Aww! What do you find most attractive about each other, not just in the physical appearance department? 
6) Would you say you're in love?
7) How sweet! How comfortable are you with one another?
8) Who would you say "Wears the pants" in the relationship?
9) What are some things you admire about your partner?
10) Compatibility is important in a relationship, so how are you alike in some ways?
11) That's cool! Now, how are you two different from each other in personality?
12) Now for the dirty questions! How is your sex life together?
13) Who's usually on top?
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LIFE IS STRANGE | Dealer with It by TheGouldenWay LIFE IS STRANGE | Dealer with It :iconthegouldenway:TheGouldenWay 586 31 My OC: Dark Akila/Elisabeth. by yasmyn64 My OC: Dark Akila/Elisabeth. :iconyasmyn64:yasmyn64 14 187 Mario - Haha Why by kata-009 Mario - Haha Why :iconkata-009:kata-009 2,144 240 Fire Emblem If: Choose Your Path by LhasaApso Fire Emblem If: Choose Your Path :iconlhasaapso:LhasaApso 283 144 Like Viridi by doublejoker00 Like Viridi :icondoublejoker00:doublejoker00 127 10



Setheran blew his nose into the tissue in a desperate (if not futile), attempt to clear his nose. Without looking he threw the tissue into the trashcan which was starting to alarmingly get full. The 35-year-old didn’t care however…he was far too sick and exhausted to care. He was far too sick and exhausted to even attempt trying to finish work…which was fine. He had already contacted his boss, and was rewarded a sickday for all his hard work.

It was normal however…Flu often spread like a wildfire throughout the little kids. All it took was for one little child to get sick before the entire school was infected. When Aila and Tsuki both returned from school, shaking, and complaining about their throats. The thermometer told him all that he needed to know.  Setheran quickly had them bundled up in blankets to get them warm, before driving them to the pharmacy. Making sure they were warm, cooking them soup, moving the TV to their rooms so that they could watch. This was all the easy part….

However, the hard part came when Setheran took the thermometer out of his mouth, and sighed when he saw the number. 102.6 was the ugly number he saw on the machine, which he could only sigh and groan at. So here he sat at his desk…too tired and sick to do any work, wanting nothing more than to just lie down and sleep.

Setheran paused when he heard the shaky cough of his daughters coming from the next room. He couldn’t sleep however…he had to be a father. He picked himself up, grabbed the small canister of soup, new tissues, and headed towards his daughter’s room.

The two sister both took their side of the room, the different sides contrasting like night and day. Aila’s side which was the furthest from the door was decorated with posters of action heroes and various princesses, colored with a variety of red, white, and pink all over. In contrast to her messy younger sister’s side, Tsuki’s was more clean. Strangely enough, Tsuki had developed a love and interest in Autumn…more specifically Halloween. Her side was decorated with orange and black, with various small Halloween decorations.

Both were snuggled up in their blankets, empty bowls of soup lying beside their beds. Setheran set down his stuff onto a cabinet, and knelt down beside Tsuki pushing the thermometer near her mouth. “Cmon. Let’s see how hot it is…” he said gently.

Tsuki opened her mouth and pressed the thermometer under her tongue. Setheran sat down in the middle of the room, as he tried to keep his head clear. Aila noticed this and sat up straight with a concerned expression on her face.
“Daddy? Are you sick?” she asked in a timid tone.
Beep beep. Setheran took out the thermometer from Tsuki’s mouth. 102.3 a number which Setheran sighed at once more. He cleaned the thermometer off and handed it to Aila, before answering the question.

“Yeah. Dad is sick…”

“Sorry.” Tsuki mumbled.

“Nothing we could’ve done…” Setheran replied in a tone that reassured both the girl it wasn’t their fault. “Are you two hungry?”
Aila and Tsuki both shook their heads.


Another shake.

Setheran sighed as he moved the box of tissues closer to the both of them. “You need to eat and drink something if you want to get better…” he reminded them, but the two girls were adamant about their choice.
With a heavy push, Setheran picked himself up…trying to fight the unsettling sensation of sickness. He picked up the trashcan which was filled with tissues and dumped it into the trashbag he brought with him. He then picked up the empty bowls, reminded the yell for him if they needed something.

He placed the dishes into the sink, and threw the trashbag away, before slumping down onto his bed. Setheran needed help…he had to call someone to help, but who?

Song was busy with his personal life…and he didn’t trust him to leave his daughters in his care, Frederick had his own family to take care of, Daniels and Alexander were on another over-seas trip. Mother Shiro was out of town, but if he did mention them being sick…she’d probably get on a train immediately and head over there in about 5 hours, and he didn’t want to worry her like that. Ayra, Lyra, and Jackson were all busy in the city, and he didn’t want to distract them from college. Cousin Naomi was also busy…so that left him with zero options.

Maybe he could sleep it off…maybe he’ll feel better.
Setheran woke up and he did not feel better.
He was so exhausted…he needed to dial someone quickly. Setheran was suddenly pushed into reality, when he felt nudges at his side. Setheran cracked open his eyes and saw Tsuki and Aila both nudging him.

“Father?” Tsuki asked.
“We’re hungry.”
“Nothing in the kitchen…?”

“Drank it all.”

Setheran opened his eyes and sat up straight trying to fight the wave of nausea. “We can order something…” he finally managed to get out. This immediately brightened his daughter’s face which brought a little ease to Setheran.

“Really?!” Aila smiled.

“Only something good for you…nothing bad for your stomach” Setheran reminded. “Tell the delivery man to…. drop it at the door, and don’t open it until he’s gone.”
This immediately brought the girls to whispers as they considered what they could order.

“What about Jeff?” Tsuki asked.
Setheran blinked…before looking at the pumpkin spider doll that rested in her arms. Song had knitted the damn thing when they first moved here…a strange Pumpkin doll with little green vine “spider legs”. Probably the thing that got him sick in the first place…. Setheran didn’t know why but he couldn’t help but feel incredibly unnerved whenever it came to Song and Dolls.

(of course he also knitted himself, but…being compared to Song is one of his sore points)

“….Jeff can have some food as well” Setheran replied.

Both his daughter hugged him, but Setheran was unable to return the gesture…he would if his arms would’ve worked. He listened carefully as his two daughters placed their order…ordering what sounded like more soup, only speaking when he was to confirm the order. However before he could go back into a deep sleep, Setheran managed to stay awake to tell his daughters one last thing.

“Aila…Tsuki…you need to call Grandpa and tell him we’re all sick. Tell him that…he doesn’t have to come, but it’d help if he found someone to help us. Tell him you need a babysitter….” Aila and Tsuki both opened their mouths to protest, but Setheran gave them a stony look which shut down any arguments.

“Grandpa Song?” Tsuki asked…which made Aila’s eyebrows furrow at the mention of his name. Song had found great entertainment in teasing the little girl…making something like a rivalry between them.

“No.” Setheran said immediately. He trusted Song to look after his daughters, but he did not want them to be influenced by him either. “Call Grandpa Frederick…he’ll find someone”
Setheran sighed as he felt more at ease at the idea that Frederick could do something.


Setheran suddenly jerked awake when he heard the door knock. He heard a pair of footsteps moving towards the doorway, he heard Tsuki and Aila whispering to each other. Wondering who was at the door, Setheran picked himself up and walked behind the two girls who looked at him with surprise.

“Morning, kids…” Setheran muttered.

“It’s afternoon, Father” Tsuki reminded him.

Setheran blinked as he looked out the window. He shook his head muttering under his breath, as he opened the door to see who Frederick had sent.

“Hey Seth-WOAH you look……” A loud voice pierced the house, causing Setheran to wince slightly. His eyes adjusted to see…2….no 6 people standing outside his door. He paused as he struggled to register who was standing outside.
Ivan and Ara two young adults…around 30 lived next door to Setheran. The two young adults immediately got along with Aila and Tsuki, and they’d go to their houses to play. Setheran didn’t really know them well enough…

Ivan…the one who had spoken earlier seemed surprised at the disheveled appearance of Setheran. “You look…great?” he said…in an attempt to save face. Setheran however was too tired to care.

“….What are you doing here?” he asked.

“We’re here to help! You’re sick aren’t you?” Ara smiled.

Setheran blinked.
“Frederick sent you…?”

Ivan and Ara both frowned at the unfamiliarity of the name. “Not really. Leah told us and we’re here!” Ivan said helpfully as he gestured behind him towards a lady with black hair. She stepped forward and look Setheran up and down with a raised eyebrow. Leah Beowulf…daughter to one of the biggest supermarket owners in the area, as usual she always kept an air of nobility around her…Setheran would occasionally see her in the Markets, and Aila and Tsuki had managed to meet and get along with her as well. However just like Ivan and Ara…he didn’t know her that well either.

“You know Frederick?” Setheran raised an eyebrow, which Leah responded with a curt nod. “I’m as surprised as you are…he contacted me and told me to help you. I decided I needed help so I got Claire and Rose to help me…who got Ivan and Ara to join us….and Anastasia just joined out nowhere.”

This was too much for Setheran to comprehend all at once. Rose? Claire? Anastasia? Here?
Claire was a Florist who worked at the Supermarket, Leah’s family owned, while Rose was a security officer who worked there as well. Anastasia was a single mother who lived down the road, and talked with Setheran occasionally.

“You’re all here.” Setheran repeated.

They all nodded.

“……” Setheran gave a look to Aila and Tsuki who look back at him with wide eyes. He was way too sick to argue or deal with this. He motioned for them all to enter “Come in…mind the mess….” He muttered.


Everyone started helping out immediately. Anastasia took over immediately and had Ivan and Ara both wrap the girls up in blankets and make sure they rested, and given food to eat whenever they were hungry. Claire and Rose both cleaned up the area, making sure everything would be clean. Anastasia was looking over the group and made sure they were doing things right.

Setheran was sitting on the couch, drearily watching everyone do their things. He glanced at Anastasia with a raised eyebrow. “Shouldn’t you be heading home? What about Charles…?” he asked.
Anastasia gave him a smile. “He’s a school right now. Charles has already been hit by the Flu, so he’s not going to get sick anytime soon. Charles will be getting home at…2:30 tonight so I got time” she reassured the sick father.

“You should get to bed.” Came a curt voice to Setheran’s side. Leah motioned for him to get up, and gestured towards his room. Leah and Anastasia were both tasked with making sure Setheran didn’t exhaust himself. Setheran tried to resists, but Leah and Anastasia managed to push him upwards and guided him towards his room. He collapsed immediately onto his bed, and felt Anastasia throw a blanket onto him.

Setheran looked towards the two women, silently expressing his thanks…before falling asleep.

Aila quickly rose up from her bed…sitting upright on top of the soft mattress.  Her soft grey eyes turned towards the digital clock she kept next to her bed, and read the numbers that glowed faintly in the dark.

2:21 AM

Aila blinked…she wasn’t sure why she had woken up. There wasn’t any nightmares…no weird things she ate yesterday…it was also very quiet. The little girl pondered for a second…before realizing that the reason she must’ve woken up.


Was because of Fate!


With that thought Aila quickly got out of her bed, and quietly made her way downstairs.

The brave heroine took a step into the deep dark mystical black darkness…surely there would be monsters of all calibers within this terrible darkness. Aila closed her eyes, and gingerly took step by step…muttering to herself a magic spell to protect her.

“If I can’t see them…then they can’t see me…” Aila repeated over and over again.


Aila squinted her eyes open where she saw a familiar light peeking out from the doorway where she could hear her Father’s voice mumbling through the door. The heroine pressed her ear against the door and listened.


Her Father was standing up and pacing around…holding a phone in his hand. Aila frowned when she saw the expression on Setheran’s face…he was frowning…he also looked slightly irritated.




“Yeah….well….actually I’m kinda busy…a bit…yeah….yes I am…”


Setheran scratched his hair as he continued to pace the room…talking to the mysterious fellow.


“….No….next week I’m free….this week I’m busy….yes….yes…”



Setheran paused.


“Where are you?”


Setheran suddenly recoiled.

“You’re coming here?! When?! Tomorrow?!”


“No…no no…no I’m not bothered…no…no I just don’t like surprises…yeah…yeah…okay sure….fine….”


“You can help watch Aila…” Setheran sighed…looking tired.


“Yeah…okay…let me know when you’ll be at the station. Bye….bye….” Setheran clicked the phone and placed it down with a heavy sigh. He flopped down into a chair and spun around before his eyes moved towards the door.


“Aila…? What are you doing?” Setheran asked in a tired voice.

Aila slowly creaked the door open, and took slow steps towards her father. He reached his arms out towards her, where she allowed herself to be lifted up.

He set her down at his lap, where he wrapped his arms around his daughter and began to hum a song.


“Father? Who’s going to watch me?” Aila asked.


“…you heard that?” Setheran mumbled which Aila squirmed uncomfortably in response.

It took a little while for Setheran to respond…he continued to hum and spin in his chair…holding Aila in his arms.


“Grandmother…your grandmother’s coming to see us tomorrow” Setheran finally answered with a heavy sigh.  Aila’s eyes widened and she sat there silently, before a big smile stretched onto her face.

She jumped out of Setheran’s hold and spun in a circle.


“Grandma’s coming! Grandma’s coming! Grandma’s coming!” Aila sang as she continued to spin.

“What’s going to happen when Grandma gets here? What’re we gonna do? What’re we gonna eat?” Aila asked as Setheran yawned and blinked sleepily at his daughter.


Setheran let out a heavy sigh as he stood up and picked AIla up off of the ground. “What you’re gonna do is sleep, young lady…” he said softly.


“I’m too excited to sleep!” Aila laughed.


“Do you want warm milk…?” Setheran asked.


“No! Such…such useless things could never affect me!” Aila laughed once more. Setheran murmured something in response, as he continued to carry Aila up to the bedroom where the two slept.


“I can’t wait for Grandma to get here!” Aila smiled to which Setheran murmured in response.




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