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To Become a God….

Dai and Luna slowly walked up the fiery path left by the Mad God. They were exhausted, injured and tired but they knew that they had to do this here and now. The Mad God was wounded and weak, but he was gaining strength by the second as they walked. Blood dripped from his bandage that wrapped around his left eye he put on. The Mad God had torn it out as Dai had lunged and impaled him, it was a terrible wound but the impaling allowed Luna to blast the Mad God and force him to retreat. It was a needed sacrifice Dai thought to himself as he trudged through the snow. The snow bothered him….it’s not because he was cold, but rather the fact that it got in his way. His sister didn’t have a problem with it of course as she daintily walked on the top of the snow as if it was hard ground, he supposed she was lucky since she had the ability to control ice.

Dai then looked at his sister Luna to see how she was doing. She had a bandage wrapped across her chest from a cut from the Mad God, there were plenty of wounds on her arm but she didn’t wrap them to save them for Dai’s eye wound. She had a look of despair, but a strange look of calmness as well. Dai supposed she has accepted their fate as he had as well. They would go to the hiding spot of the injured God and finish the job they have started.

This is a fight that they will not be leaving alive.

They arrived at a chasm in the mountain. The pathway has been charred as well as the insides as well, for the Mad God has blasted himself a way into the mountain’s interior. Luna gave Dai a look as if waiting for his cue, Dai looked back and met her gaze before nodding.

They soon arrived at the end where they saw the Mad God resting. He wore a full set of black obsidian colored Greek battle armor that dented and was covered in scratches, at his side was a double edged black sword that was much too big for any regular human to carry. The Mad God’s body was pure black and was on fire, as if he was made of coal.  White Golden blood oozed from the wounds Dai and Luna made and hissed when they hit the ground. The God looked exhausted and Dai felt a sting of pride as he remembered he and his sister was the one who put the God in this state single handedly.

The Mad God’s eyes widened once he saw Luna and Dai, but laughed when he realized that they were exhausted.

 “Foolish mortals… try to kill me… the state you are?”

The Mad God studied them up and down and sneered.


Luna smiled and took a step forward “Oh but look at you My Lord….covered in wounds, blood leaking from you like a old rusty pipe, and leaning against the wall and your cane for support like an old man” she sneered.

The Mad God’s eyes burned and he stood up straight, Dai noticed that his eyes winced from the effort.

“Ignorant Child….you forget your place!!!!”

“I am the Mad God, the bringer of destruction, pain, suffering, and-“

“The god of long winded speeches, and wasting time?” Dai muttered under his breath.

The Mad God opened his mouth to reply before Dai interrupted him once more.

“And we forget our place? No I believe you forgot where our place stands. Our place stands as the two human beings who fought the Mad God, survived the attack, and forced the Mad God to run away with his tail between his legs.” Dai said coldly.

“We stand as the human beings who walked up an entire mountain, while you just sat here resting. We are the ones who barely healed ourselves to face you”

The Mad God growled and raised his blade and prepared himself to charge.




Dai slowly opened his eyes and took a shaky breath. Blood poured from a wound on his stomach and Dai began to feel light headed. Dying….there was no doubt as a deep gash on his neck screaming out in pain as Dai turned his head to look at Luna.

Her eyes were closed, but she was still breathing. All her bandages were torn and plenty of fresh wounds covered her body. It broke his heart to see his brave, proud, strong sister to be in such a helpless state. Dai took a breath in relief as Luna opened her eyes slowly. She looked around then focused her attention on Dai.

Dai saw the same look of regret and pain go across her face as she saw the state he was in….it was the exact same look Dai gave her.

There was no need to talk….their job was done…..the black corpse missing a head and a hole torn through its chest definitely told them it was a yes.

We did it….


Luna smiled and took a deep breath.

It’s a shame really….im going to die all alone and single

Dai scoffed.

What am I chopped liver?

Luna sneered in return.

Having you as my boyfriend? That is so gross

you know what I meant

yeah…..but it wouldn’t be like me to die without making fun of her little brother

Dai sighed.

You’re going to pull that card on me? I'm going to say this only once….WE ARE TWINS

Luna began to silently laughed and Dai began to laugh as well, but they stopped because it hurt like hell.

They slumped against the wall side by side for 3 hours before a deep sleepiness began to overcome him. Dai held up his hand with the last of his strength to assure his sister that she wasn’t alone, and he felt his sister take his hand as he slowly closed his eyes.


Dai jerked up from his sleeping spot and fell to the floor with a crash. “Well that could of gone better Dai thought to himself as he slowly picked himself up. A pillow flew in the air and crashed against Dai’s head causing him to fall to the ground once more. “Shut up…you ass….im trying to sleep” a voice mumbled to the side. Dai scowled and threw the pillow back at Luna and caused her to fall out of her bed.

Luna stood up abruptly and glared at Dai who made a face back. Dai then froze as he saw that Luna was missing her usual bed hair….in fact it was perfect.  Her short blonde hair looked as if it was brushed and cleaned multiple times, her eyes were bright and her skin glowed. She wore a simple white dress with white pants. And judging by her expression Dai had the same thing happen to him.

“Strange….we look nothing like dead people.” Dai thought to himself. That’s when it struck him, they were dead.

Dai looked at the attire he was wearing. Nope…not a single scratch on his arms, no blood as well. He slowly reached and poked his left eye. He felt cloth and sighed….looks like they couldn’t fix his eye.

“What the hell happened?” Luna asked once she realized the same thing Dai had just figured out. Dai shrugged as he began to look around. They were in a white church, and I mean white, I mean white. The chairs were white, the walls were white, the floor was white, the glass was white. Everything was white, white, white, white.

“Well…if we are dead….then I’m disappointed…this is really boring!” Luna complained as she began to wander around. Dai sighed and shook his head as he inspected the white marble cross in the air.

“Is there any food around here?”

“Are you hungry?”


Dai rolled his eyes and dodged to the side as a pillow soared through the air and missed Dai completely.

He didn’t have to turn around to see Luna scowl at him.

Both Luna and Dai and stood up and alert as they felt a presence appear in the middle of the church.

“Siblings of the Day and Night. Warrior of the Sun and Archmage of the Night. Twins of  Courage and Faith. Take a step forward.

Luna looked at Dai hesitantly who shrugged uneasily back. Despite their doubts they took a step forward.

You who dispelled the Mad God. You who stopped the destruction of the world, you who died to save the human kind.

“Us gods admire your strength and your courage. So we shall offer you a choice….

Dai and Luna both looked at each other, wondering what their choices were.

 One….you could become a god….or get a second chance at life

However…if you were to become a god you would lose all your memories…if you were to get a second chance at life…you would sustain all the wounds you had when you died….and become a cripple.

I will give you a moment to think…

And as soon as the god finished it disappeared.

Dai sighed and sat down as Luna walked in circles pondering what to do.

An hour passed before they both made their decisions.

 ah…so that is your choice?

Dai and Luna both gave a nod and closed their eyes.

Now chose a name….ok….now recite your oaths I have just given you…..ok then…now that is all….close your eyes and sleep in the beds you just awoke in

They both walked over to their beds and lied down

good night Luna

Night Night


“Counsel of the Gods in now in session….it would seem that we have two absent.” The Elder God announced.

“Nope….here” a voice said to the left.

The Elder God turned to see a young man in a brown suit and fedora standing to the left leaning against a pillar. “Take off your sunglasses Ace” The Elder God said as he checked Ace off the list.

Ace smiled and took off his sunglasses and put them in his pocket.

“Now it would appear that Aura is-“

“Nope….here” said a voice to the right.

The Elder God turned to the right to see a young woman in a crystal cloth dress standing to the right. She had a azure blue fairy wing pin in her hair and a silver bracelet on her right wrist. She had long silver white hair and eyes that shimmered into a different color.

“Ah..i see” The Elder God muttered, unnerved and confused on how the two gods managed to sneak in without him noticing.

Aura smiled at Ace who laughed as they saw the Elder God’s discomfort.

“Now Ace we have need of your report”

Ah yes…Musa still stubbornly remains in her prison- ah….home under your orders.” Ace replied.

“That is a problem…we have need of her in the future, and she must understand how the world works…to pure is what she is” one of the gods at the table said.

“Yes….but she is stubborn as I have said before and no matter how much I visit and persuade her…she believes that what she is doing is correct…for someone put her there in the first place put that idea in there” Ace said glaring at the gods at the table.

All the gods shuffled in their seats as Ace looked them over.

“That is not fair Ace….to blame the God’s for their judgment” Aura interjected.

“Unfair Judgment?” Ace asked softening his glare but glaring still at Aura.

Aura didn’t reply and glared back.

“Ahem. But the point is that we have need of Musa….Ace I would like you to keep attempting to have her leave her home so that she may help” The Elder God said interrupting Ace’s and Aura’s staring match.

Ace took off his fedora and bowed and turned to leave.

Once Ace had left the Elder God turned to Aura.

“Aura….keep an eye of Ace…he is strong and unpredictable….”

Aura nodded and turned to leave.

Once both gods had left the Elder God shook his head and wiped the sweat off his brow.

“Those two always keep on the edge…” he muttered.

“They seem to have a rivalry” one of the gods commented.

“They are like siblings.” another stated.

“We must keep an eye on both of them” one finally announced.

Everyone nodded and muttered in agreement.

A story?! OMG


yeah this explains the backstory of Ace and a new character Aura.

This also explains how someone becomes a god.

Like the story? Thanks!!


Dai thoughtspeaks with Bold

Luna thoughtspeaks with Italics

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The memories are dead.


But the body and personality are alive

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Dai became Ace

Luna became Aura.


Since they lost their memories, they dont remember themselves as being siblings.

Now they are complete strangers

yasmyn64 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
So that's why that Ace is a god?!?!

Well, that's explain...
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You cant feel bad for someone never existed

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